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A conservatarian runs her mouth about the news of the week.

March 31, 2019

Mueller Report Summary Break Down, EU’s Articles 11 and 13, and Brunei’s Human Rights Violations

*Please note! I am having throat issues in this episode. I made it about half way through before my voice gave out. I apologize for the borderline laryngitis towards the end, but I wanted to make sure I had a podcast for you folks. It was too big of a week to take the time off.

Welcome to Episode 12 of Whiskey Tango's Run Down!

This week, we discuss the Mueller Report summary with an injection of honesty, we discuss the EU's copyright law focusing on articles 11 and 13 and how they effect those of us outside of the EU, and we discuss Brunei's plan to punish homosexuality and adultery with a brutal death sentence. 

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