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A conservatarian runs her mouth about the news of the week.

Mueller Report is in, Trump Signs up for 1A, Italian Hostage Situation, SCOTUS Packing, and Peterson Banning

March 24, 2019

*PLEASE NOTE* This podcast was pre-recorded. Since the recording of this podcast, the summary of the Mueller report has been released. I was unable to re-record and edit in time for our scheduled release. 

Welcome to Episode 11 of Whiskey Tango's Run Down!

This week, we discuss the Mueller Report that was just delivered to Barr, Trump signs an executive order protecting free speech on public campuses, an Italian bus driver holds 51 students hostage in the name of sea faring migrants, a Constitutional amendment locking SCOTUS at 9 to prevent court packing is suggested, and Jordan Peterson's self help book is banned in New Zealand because one of his fans had a politically incorrect shirt on. 

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